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Commercial Law

Corporate Insolvency

What you need to know about Corporate Insolvency in Australia As we navigate the challenges of COVID-19, companies and businesses are staring financial distress in the face and grappling around issues of solvency. Insolvency and financial distress can be complex and ...
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Debt Recovery Lawyers

Debt Recovery and Debt Collection Our debt recovery lawyers understand the difficulty and frustration of debt collection.  You have acted in good faith in providing a product or service to a customer in advance of payment.  Your good faith has ...
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Business Acquisition and Sales

Business Purchase, Business Sale, and Due Diligence My Legal Crunch Commercial Lawyers can assist you with business purchase and business acquisitions, or with selling your business.  We can help you protect yourself when it comes time to enter into a ...
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Business Structures

Business Structures in Australia Selecting the right business structure for your business requires careful consideration. You need to consider the various advantages and disadvantages of different business structures, and match those considerations with the needs of your business.  There is ...
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Australian Consumer Law

Consumer Law in Australia Consumer law is Australia is provided through the Commonwealth, Competition and Consumer Act 2010.  The Australian Consumer Law can be found in schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act.  This Competition and Consumer Act has been largely incorporated into State ...
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Corporate Lawyers

Companies and Corporate Law Company structures are a common and special type of business vehicle which depending on the business structure allows shareholders to limit their potential liability owed.  Companies are legal entities that can own property, be sued and ...
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