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Child Custody Lawyers Sydney

Child Custody Lawyers Sydney serves as a bridge between two parents battling for their children who are always caught in the middle. We understand that reaching an agreement for child custody can be stressful for you as the parent and your child or children. 


It is always helpful if an agreement can be made immediately and parents are always encouraged by the Australian family law to:

  • settle family matters that concern their children

  • resolve any parental conflict and come up with a suitable parenting arrangement

  • always consider the best interest of the children as the paramount issue

  • use the family law system as the last option in resolving child conflict

Child Support Family Lawyers Sydney


Our Child Custody Lawyers in Sydney are not only dedicated but wholly experienced in bringing quick and effective solutions to family law matters. Our child custody lawyers Sydney are aware of how delicate every family law matter is, particularly child disputes.

On matters regarding making children arrangements, it is vital to consider the following:


  • the location of where your children will live

  • the time the children will spend with each parent and other important family members like grandparents and the like

  • the occasions and special days for children like birthdays, Easter, Christmas, family traditions, etc.

  • where the children spend their school holidays


As always, the children's best interest is given the highest consideration by our Child Custody Lawyers Sydney. If you need to discuss a family law matter, please do not hesitate to give our Sydney Child Custody Lawyers a call at 1800 572 417 or email us at

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