Domestic Violence Resources


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Family Violence Resources

The following organizations may help but do not give legal advice:

  • Queensland Police Service responds to emergency situations (eg if there is violence or you or your children have been threatened). If you think you’re in immediate danger, call 000
  • DV Connect gives counselling, information, referral and help including refuge and shelter placement and crisis intervention to people affected by domestic violence. They also manage the Pets in crisis project arranging foster care for pets while people affected by domestic violence are in temporary accommodation. 
  • Mensline (DV Connect) is a free, confidential telephone counselling, referral and support service for men. 
  • Immigrant Women’s Support Service offers free confidential, practical and emotional support to immigrant and refugee women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and their children who have experienced domestic or sexual violence. 

Flow Chart – Temporary & Domestic Violence Protection Order Process for a Respondent

Stage 1.
a) DVO Application is made
b) Potential for Temporary Protection Order can be made
c) Respondents first court appearance


domestic violence protection order stage 1 flow chart

Stage 2. Adjourn for further mention 


domestic violence protection order stage 2 flow chart 

Stage 3. Proceeding to trial 


domestic violence protection order stage 3 flow chart

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