• Divorce and separation

  • Spousal maintenance

  • Child custody and parenting arrangements

  • De Facto relationships

  • Property settlement

  • Domestic violence

Dandenong Family Lawyers


Family Law and Divorce

Our Dandenong family lawyers provide honest, affordable and personalised family law solutions.  Our family lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of family law. Our Dandenong family lawyers are compassionate and take a personalised approach to your legal matter. That’s why our team has a reputation for providing high-quality services.


Our Dandenong family lawyers provide professional and cost-effective solutions to resolve your divorce, property settlement or parenting matter in a timely way. 


We know that family law proceedings can be difficult, but with our personalised approach, we get to know your issues so we can get you a resolution.  With our personalised services to match your needs, we can deal with the most pressing issues and keep the costs down.  


We believe that every family law issue can be agreed upon by both parties without going to the family law courts, however, in the case that you are going to court, our Dandenong family lawyers will fight for your family law rights and get you the best outcome.


Family Law Practice Areas

No matter what area you are facing a legal battle in, we can help you through it, whether it be:


  • Divorce and separation,

  • Spousal maintenance,

  • Child custody and parenting arrangements,

  • De Facto relationships,

  • Property settlement,

  • Domestic violence,

  • or other family law areas. 


Why Family Lawyers Dandenong?


Our clients utilise the services of Family Lawyers Dandenong because:


  • We are knowledgeable in Family Law issues

  • We listen and give practical legal advice at an affordable cost

  • We represent them from start to finish

  • We give them the best possible result


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The Legal Team

Meet the team behind My Legal Crunch.


Couldn't ask for more from him, gave me different angles of attack and what to expect, and didn't cost an arm a leg. Highly recommended my legal crunch, and Michael, thanks for the awesome work you did for me in this matter today and the lead up. Cheers. 


Jason Sullivan

Absolutely seamless and efficient delivery of service from Michael at My Legal Crunch Lawyers. They made it so easy and stress free. I highly recommend them.


Wayne Agius

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