How Family Lawyers Newcastle can Help with Family Law Matters

Problems stemming from family law issues can be a difficult and challenging undertaking for anyone married or in a relationship, especially if children are involved. We understand how tough it is to get past such situations like child custody disputes, property divisions and divorce.

The good news is you don’t have to be dealing with this alone. If you are experiencing any of the following matters, let us help you.

  • ​Divorce
  • Child custody
  • Property settlement
  • De Facto relationships
  • Consent Orders
  • Court Litigation

Our experienced family lawyers in Newcastle are fully qualified to handle a wide range of family law matters. Not only do they use their legal expertise to resolve family law issues, but they also express empathy so they can fully understand their clients’ needs and what steps can be taken to help them.

Legal Advice and Court Appearance in Newcastle

Our family lawyers appear at the Newcastle Federal Circuit Court and Family Law Court at 61 Bolton St, Newcastle.

Our family law solicitors in Newcastle provide legal advice and services in all family law areas including divorce, child custody, property settlement and de facto relationships.

Our lawyers regularly appear in Newcastle courts for cases including divorce. Our professional family lawyers for the Newcastle team can help you with all your family law matters.

If you are a couple experiencing relationship meltdown we can help you come to an informed agreement on factors like property settlement, child custody and/or living arrangements with parents.

Divorce Law in Newcastle

We can give legal advice and help you go through the family law mediation, divorce hearings and out of the court settlements. Once an agreement has been reached, we can do the documentation and filing of the consent orders in the Family Law Court.

You can rest assured that your matter will be handled with discretion and sensitivity in a cost-effective way.

Talk to one of our divorce lawyers in Newcastle by calling our legal hotline 1800 572 417 or book an appointment today to consult about your family law issue.

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