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Our Melbourne Probate Lawyers provide professional legal advice and services in Probate Applications, Letters of Administration and Estate Law Matters.  We provide legal services and legal advice to local Melbournians, regional Victorians, interstate clients and international clients.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process where a person’s Will is reviewed and filed with the Supreme Court of Victoria.  The Will and the details in the Will are checked to ensure the Will is valid, that an Executor has been appointed to administer the Estate, that the Will leaves all of the property to eligible people and to notify the public and creditors by way of a public advertisement, that it is intended that the instructions in the Will are going to be carried out.

A Grant of Probate, is an authority from the Supreme Court of Victoria, for the Executor to administer the Estate in accordance with the Will and laws of Victoria.

Free Legal Consultation

Our Probate Lawyers provide a free initial legal consultation to provide general legal advice and canvass your options.  Call and speak to a Probate Lawyer on 1800 572 417.

Probate Experience Matters

Our Probate Lawyers can assist you with complex probate matters to simple probate matters.  We are experienced with large and complex estates worth millions of dollars involving real estate, trusts and business, through to small estates.

Probate Online

You can start our Probate Application Online Right Now by Clicking Here and following our Probate Online application process.

With our Probate Online application process, we collect the information our Probate Lawyers require to start your Probate Application.  This saves you time and costs and will help to get your Probate Application completed faster.

Our Probate Online application process service is managed by our experienced Probate Lawyers.  Once you have submitted your Probate Application, one of our probate staff members will contact you.

There are no legal fees payable by you until we contact you and confirm the costs of your Probate Application.  If you decide not to proceed at that time, there are no legal fees payable and no obligations on you.

Melbourne Probate Applications & Probate Legal Advice

Our Probate Lawyers understand that when you need the services of a probate lawyer, you are often dealing with grief.  We provide an empathetic and caring legal service and legal advice where we look at you as an individual and cater our probate legal services based on your personal needs.

Every situation is different and each person’s capacity to process and understand probate is different; that’s why we provide personalised legal services.  Our approach includes your Probate Lawyer being available to assist when you need them and through our flexible communication and meeting options.

Our Probate Lawyers recognise that probate is often the final endeavour you will be able to make for the person who has passed away and that this should be a positive experience.  Our Probate Lawyers will do everything they can to make the probate process straightforward, easy to understand and keep you informed of the progress of your probate application.

Fixed Fee Probate Applications

In most cases, we can provide you with a fixed fee price for your Probate Application so you will know what the costs of probate are upfront.

Melbourne Probate Lawyers Legal Services

Our Melbourne lawyers provide legal services including for:

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