Over 20 Years of Combined Legal Experience

Meet the entire team behind My Legal Crunch Lawyers. With over 20 years of combined legal practice experience, our lawyers are here to help you get the best legal service you deserve.

Lawyer - Practice Director

Mark Donnelly

Mark practices extensively in the areas of Family, Criminal Law, and Insolvency. He has appeared on behalf of clients in the Family Law jurisdiction from Brisbane to Melbourne.​​

Michael Rodrigues

Michael represents matters related to Family, Criminal, Corporate, and Employment Law. He is a skilled negotiator and advocate who have helped numerous clients.

Tania Olson

Tania has experience handling a variety of family law matters, drafting Family Court documents, corresponding with clients, and appearing in court.

Joe Mansour

Joe's experience ranges from Traffic, Administrative, Civil and Family Law to Summary Criminal Offenses and Government legislative appeals.
Chief Executive Officer

J. Richard Jones

J. Richard oversees all non-legal, business aspects of MLC, including digital strategies, client services, technology, and operational processes.
Marketing and Content Manager

Marcello Sukhdeo

Marcello has a background in finance and specializes in content development, SEO, and marketing strategies.
Marketing and Digital Strategist

Terri Pavelic

With over 20 years of publishing experience, Terri oversees the marketing, content, and social media strategies of My Legal Crunch.